Retail Bank Teller Customer Service Representative


Bay Street Business College has developed an intensive Retail Bank Teller Customer Service Representative course. It is geared towards giving students the necessary skills to succeed in their entry to the banking industry.
Training focuses on understanding of the industry specific roles, responsibilities and skills, customer service and product sales skills, as well as career preparation and job search skills. By registering to this course, students will gain knowledge of all the proficiencies needed for obtaining employment in the fast paced world of banking and financial institutions. With a detailed curriculum covering the fundamentals of teller communications, students will be well prepared for possible job placement in a bank environment.
Using direct insights from the branch manager’s office and mock banking scenarios, students will learn the ABCs of banking transactions and communications as well as hands-on training on Customer Service and promotion of bank products and services.

Career Opportunities as a Customer Service Representative within the Banking and Finance Industries:

Successful graduates of this course will be able to process customersa�� financial transactions and provide information on related banking products and services. Furthermore, they will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to a number of banking, accounting, and financial jobs within various industries. Some occupational titles may include, but arena��t limited to:

  • Bank Teller
  • Credit Union Teller
  • Financial Customer Service Representative
  • Foreign Exchange Teller

BSBC is constantly evolving to keep its students informed, making it a beneficial program for those interested in becoming Representatives or learning more about the Financial World.